Daily Prompt: Vigor

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

We are going to be moving to Florida in about a year. There is a lot going into this move. We have to downsize all the stuff we have. That is worth a daily prompt in and of itself! But the hardest part of the move will be that, not only will it be the first time I’ve ever moved farther from my childhood home than an hour’s drive, I’m going to be relocating to a completely different environment. I’m a mountain girl, here in the Central Valley of California. I love the changes in the seasons, the cool spring and fall air, the colder winter, the rain and even the possible snow that I can drive to within a short time. I’m giving all that up for a lot of sand and hot, hot, hot weather. Not to mention Santa in shorts and a tank top!

Yes, there will be a lot of rain in Florida, but it will be muggy because of the humidity. I’m not so vim and vigor here in the summer heat when it’s humid. I might as well be a limp piece of lettuce for all the energy that I can’t seem to muster. It’s dang hot out here in the summer. There’s no vigor in most everyone I see. We are all lethargic, hanging out in our houses, in the air conditioning. The mall and the movie theaters are packed because they offer a reasonably inexpensive means of keeping cool.

So the real question here is, why am I moving to Florida in the first place if I don’t like the heat and the humidity and I’m giving up so much of what I love in other ways? I have a three month old great grandson living in Tampa, Florida who beckons my love. I met him officially in October, at a time when the West Coast of Florida isn’t that bad, weather wise. We discovered the small town of Dunedin and fell in love with it. Dunedin is only 20 miles or so away from Tampa where my little guy lives.

We’ve decided that if we moved during their cooler climate and I work into their heated time, I should be able to endure it better. I’ll just have to stay inside when it’s really bad in July, just like I do here. They have trees. I don’t go to the snow that often. I’ll just watch Hallmark movies at Christmas time and get my ‘real’ Santa fix. I think I can figure this out. And as long as I can get my sugar fix from my little grandson every little while, it will be all worth it. I might even be able to work up a bit of vigor in my old age!


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Vigor

  1. So excited for you, Robyn. I’m a native Floridian. I’ve been out of FL for 16 years now, but there’s a part of me that’ll always feel most at home in Florida. There’ll definitely be an adjustment to the weather, but you’re moving to a beautiful area of FL. The gulf coast is my favorite. It’s more of a trade than it is a giving-up. And, you can always travel further up the east coast for a little bit of winter weather if you ever want to. (It’s beautiful here in NC in the fall…hint,hint.) 🙂 Prayers for y’all as you prepare for your move. Your great-grandson is a lucky little man. 🙂


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